If you’ve ever been in a relationship…then you’ve BEEN in a relationship. Meaning, you’ve been through a breakup. Some breakups are welcomed. But then there are those that are marked by an incident, an encounter, or a revelation that completely changed the path of your life…forever.

I had my breakup at 17 and it changed the trajectory of my life for the next 10 years.

Breakups like these are now a significant chapter in the stories of our lives. And their impact will affect our future relationships in unbelievable ways that no one can predict…believe me.

Meet Lakia and Morgan. Join us as these two Millennials share their stories about how their breakups have changed…and are still changing their lives. Share in the comments how you would have handled each their situations. Or, share your own story about how a significant breakup changed the path of your life.

It Goes Down In The DM

To slid or not to slide...that is the question. I often hear how taboo it is to slide is someone's DM (direct message). But the sliding doth persist! So much so that rapper Yo Gotti did a parody video called [It Goes] Down in the DM, which mimics the real-life...

She’s the One That Got Away

Regret is a ___________ (you fill in the blank). In the dating space, sometimes regret occurs after you realize you screwed up and let the one you really want get away. Hindsight becomes your counselor. And that crafty bastard...regret...teaches you a life lesson you...

#ShootYourShot2018 (pt 1)

As an African American Christian woman, societal dating norms promote that women should wait to be foun't - that proverbial Boaz & Ruth situation (read the story of Ruth & Boaz in the book of Ruth in the bible). But what happens when you've waited...and waited...and...

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