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His Leadership Her Trust: 4 Steps to Become the Christian Man A Woman Trusts, Respects, and Actually Wants to Follow

“PIONEERING”! This ground-breaking look into relationships is the first of its kind to break down and actually teach Christian men, in four practical steps, how to be a leader in his relationship…in such a way…that it builds her trust and respect in you as a man.

Whether you are a husband, fiancée, or boyfriend, this book uncovers the secret of how men can increase her level of trust in your judgment and decision making, and builds her level of respect in you to the point where she actually wants to follow you.

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“If fact, most Christian woman I’ve met really want to submit to their current or future husband. They’re scared to submit to a man they don’t trust.”

Why I Wrote This Book

Early in my marriage to my wife BerNadette, I realized I needed to be a better leader because I was struggling trying to figure out how to lead my family in the direction we wanted to go. I needed someone to clearly explain to me what leadership is and how to translate that information into being a better leader in my marriage. I asked my mentors, but none gave me the answers I needed. So I invested in my education, earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership, and spent the next 10 years researching answers to those questions. In this book lies those answers and the pathway for you to become the trusted and respected leader in your relationship.

““I’m the man of the house!” is their war cry. But…it doesn’t mean you actually are the leader, nor does it mean that you know what to do to provide leadership.”

10 Little Known Secrets This Book Uncovers…

This book uncovered 10 little known secrets about relationships and why leadership is the key to whether you live happily or miserably ever after. You’ll learn:

  1. What leadership is and what it is not
  2. When to provide leadership and when your leadership is nullified
  3. The three goals God gave every married couple and how to implement them
  4. What God’s test taking process is and how it developments you as a leader
  5. What the process of influence is, which is the key to leadership
  6. What power is, and how to properly use power resources to lead
  7. How your value system influences what you believe is truth and reality
  8. What persuasion is, and how to successfully convince your mate to change her mind and go with your suggestion
  9. How to use your intuition and judgment to make decisions
  10. The difference between a novice and expert decision maker, and how to make decisions like an expert in your relationship

Price $13.77 (plus shipping)