Online dating apps. Slids in the DM. Kick-backs and Meetups. High School and college sweetheart. Office-bae.

With so many ways for people to connect, we at the Millennial Dating Chronicles, for Valentine’s Day 2019, want to celebrate couples and the different ways they meet and find love. So we went to Arundel Mills Mall, in Maryland, to ask random couples, ‘How’d you meet’.

The stories we go will put a smile on your face. So press play and enjoy these amazing stories on this special Valentine’s Day episode of the Millennial Dating Chronicles. Couples…we salute you.

Sex & Dating: When to Do It

One of the questions I explored in our conversation with Millennials was the intersection between sex and dating. When is it ok to start having sex? While you're dating? After you're in a relationship? After marriage...or on the first night? As you can imagine, the...

It Goes Down In The DM

To slid or not to slide...that is the question. I often hear how taboo it is to slide is someone's DM (direct message). But the sliding doth persist! So much so that rapper Yo Gotti did a parody video called [It Goes] Down in the DM, which mimics the real-life...

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