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Millennial Dating Chronicles

A Web Docu-series


Dating is Personal. But you’re not in this alone.

Discover how to navigate your own dating journey by connecting with other Millennials – as they pursue of their goals, passions, and purpose…while trying to figure out this big ball of confusion…called dating!

Latena, 32

"...the black men were mean to me. Then I was only interested in white men, but they weren't interested in me...I didn't go outside cuz I didn't want to get darker...I hated anything associated with being a "black girl". I didn't have many black friends...I only dated white guys, cuz they were nicer...Then I move to Texas and it was a wrap."

Meagan, 32

"...I did have someone like that in my life that I was not attracted to at first - at all. He was very persistent. But he became my friend! But the thing that was very attractive about him was that he believed that he would eventually win me over but he wasn't trying to rush me to that point."

Caylin, 30

"...someone calls me to verify these 5 law students. I know 4, but I don't know this 5th name so I googled her. And I'm like, 'OH MY GOD, when I get there I gotta find her!'. So at the conference, I'm registering people. Her name tag is in front of me. But someone sends me on an errand. When I get back her name tag is gone. But she's here tho..."

Chiereme, 26

" thing for 2018, 'be direct', 'Shot your shot - 2018', that's my hashtag. So I gotta be direct. There is no time for small talk. So I just said, "Would you like to go on a coffee date?". And there was a pause. And in that pause, I was like "Oh...he's in a relationship. That's how am I going to recover?"

Meet Relationship Consultants – Heath & Bernie

Heath and Bernie believe finding love and building a happy loving relationship are the most important decisions you can make. It’s also the most difficult! Cuz it’s a jungle out there for Christian singles and couples. For 17 years, Heath and Bernie have beem actively helping Christian singles and couples navigate their paths thru their personal and relationship challenges with straight-up practical, experiential, research-based, strategic, step-by-step consulting (coaching)…regardless if they are single, in a relationship, or need to get out of one.

Their own personal story is one of the most unique love stories ever. They never dated! They went from being co-workers and friends…to being in engaged within 1-week…read more

Dating & Relationship Tips

The ups and downs of single-life and relationship-life aren’t meant to break you…but to make you into the person you need to be to successfully pursue your purpose. PREPARE! PREPARE! PREPARE…as you take your next step in pursuing your purpose…whether single or in a relationship.


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BE GREAT! But no one achieves greatness by their self. Greatness is achieved by actively walking in your purpose…be it single or in a relationship. Find the right team to help you live your greatest life.

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Active small groups of Christian singles, couples, and Millennials… connecting with other like-minded people in pursuit of our individual purposes and relationship goals…and having fun while doing it.


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