Getting the nerve to approach someone is one thing. Asking them out on a date is another. But then going on that date is and building a connection might be the biggest challenge of all.

Last episode, Chiereme shared how she walked up to a guy she’d only seen a few times at church and asked him on a date. Getting out of her comfort zone…she called it. Growing and taking responsibility for her own dating story…she explained it. In this episode, after some situational dating tips, she shares her story about how the date went, how she now feels about asking guys out, and if she’s up for doing it again.

Join Chiereme’s dating journey, as she shares her brave and inspirational story of how Millennials pursue their purpose, passions, and careers, all while pursuing their relationship goals…in this pilot series – The Millennial Dating Chronicles.

Sex & Dating: When to Do It

One of the questions I explored in our conversation with Millennials was the intersection between sex and dating. When is it ok to start having sex? While you're dating? After you're in a relationship? After marriage...or on the first night? As you can imagine, the...

It Goes Down In The DM

To slid or not to slide...that is the question. I often hear how taboo it is to slide is someone's DM (direct message). But the sliding doth persist! So much so that rapper Yo Gotti did a parody video called [It Goes] Down in the DM, which mimics the real-life...

She’s the One That Got Away

Regret is a ___________ (you fill in the blank). In the dating space, sometimes regret occurs after you realize you screwed up and let the one you really want get away. Hindsight becomes your counselor. And that crafty bastard...regret...teaches you a life lesson you...

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