Our Community



Your lifestyle should be the tangible expression of your faith

Your purpose is ultimately meant to benefit other

People get inspired/motivated in a small group of like-minded people all striving to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve their purpose and goals.

You grow into the person you must become to live the life you want

Couples must re-prioritize the fun back in thier relationship

Couples thrive best in small communities that share common values and goals



Our Community is small groups of active like-minded Christian singles, couples, and Millennials who are passionately pursuing our individual purposes and relationship goals…and having fun while doing so.


Remember a time when you were invited to an event. One of the first questions you asked was, “Who’s gonna to be there.” That’s because ‘who’ is at the event matters as much…if not more…that the event itself. 

I believe there’s something unifying, inspiring, and encouraging when an organic blend of like-minded aspirational people…with different perspectives, ideas, and life experiences…build high-quality connections. There’s a shared moral responsibility to similar values and the pursuit of your life’s purpose.

What makes these connections even better is when you have fun while doing it. FUN is not just about what you do, but who you do it with. That’s why we have created a community where we unapologetically create soul-warming experiences for like-minded people to connect, have fun, and inspire each other in the pursuit of our lifes’ purpose.


Your adventurous spirit has already pushed your limits of adventure. But you still want the ‘next one’. You still crave MORE! However, the more you seek is not just for the next epic adventure, but the next epic adventure with like-minded people who get just as amp’d about it as you.

Thrill-seeking with fellow like-minded adventures allows you to connect and build community with people with similar interests. After 17 years of helping singles and couples pursue happy loving trusting relationships thru our Relationship Bootcamps obstacle couples, adventurous activities is in our blood.

Now we are creating bigger and better adventurous activities to connect like-minded Christian singles and couples with others who seek the next big adventure so they can have fun, possibly develop bae-or-business relationships, and feed off each other’s energy in their individual or tandem pursuit of their life’s purpose.



You have permission to be GREAT! Go ahead! Discover your purpose. Pursue it with reckless abandon. And live your greatest life! But know…your path to purposeful greatness requires growth. The kind of growth that involves learning from your successes…and failures. And it also involves learning from a collective of people who are not like you. 

We believe your growth is a personal journey. But no one can become great by themselves. You need a team. We believe a cohort of people pursuing common interests in intentional learning communities provides an innovative learning environment, makes people feel more comfortable asking questions, and embraces different points of views. 

Our community promotes these group cultural values in our workshops, seminars, and online classes we sponsor and promote.    


Food is the great equalizer…right? It’s almost like…it doesn’t matter what you do, if food is involved, and the right people are there, the atmosphere is ripe for a good time.

But fo-real, the atmosphere in the room is not all about the food. It’s about the connections, the interactions, and the camaraderie that happens during the dining experience that makes food such an integral part of an event.

We use food as a social icebreaker before, during, and after our events. It breaks down barriers, eases communication, and creates an overall welcoming environment. So, whether we’re just hosting dinner at a restaurant, a game night, a house party, or a growth/learning experience, the warmth, welcoming, and open environment that food creates sets the perfect atmosphere for our community to pursue its purpose and thrive. And if the food is the bomb while doing it, that just makes the event even better.

We Thrive Together

One of the best environments where people thrive is among like-minded people who share the same fight and tenacity to pursue their goals and life’s purpose. Studies have even shown that people get inspired and feed off each other’s energy when they see other people fighting to overcome obstacles to their goals. 

Bernie and I have been super intentional about surrounding ourselves around like-minded Christian couples and singles who are committed to thriving in their work-life, relationships, and purposeful-pursuits.

Now we are growing our community of fellow thrive-ateers by creating events, activities, and growth opportunities for Christian singles and couples who are just as committed to fighting their way thru any obstacle life places in front of them in pursuit of their purpose and relationship goals. 



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