As Christians, we are taught that sex is reserved for marriage. But for real tho, how many people do you know who actually follow that rule? From my personal experience, and 19 years spent working with 100’s of couples and singles, many people don’t.

But there’s of a growing hybrid of people who have already had sex but are now practicing abstinence. These people are beginning to vocalizing their truth…unashamedly. And their stories should be celebrated.

So join MDC as we celebrate the beautiful story of Allen and Danielle, a newlywed couple who shares their journey from sexually active to abstinence…in this season 1 finale episode of the Millennial Dating Chronicles.

She’s the One That Got Away

Regret is a ___________ (you fill in the blank). In the dating space, sometimes regret occurs after you realize you screwed up and let the one you really want get away. Hindsight becomes your counselor. And that crafty bastard...regret...teaches you a life lesson you...

#ShootYourShot2018 (pt 1)

As an African American Christian woman, societal dating norms promote that women should wait to be foun't - that proverbial Boaz & Ruth situation (read the story of Ruth & Boaz in the book of Ruth in the bible). But what happens when you've waited...and waited...and...

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