MILLENNIALS. While they are trying to figure out how to pursue their purpose and build a career as “adults”, they are also faced with figuring out this big ball of confusion…called dating.

“When to date? Who to date?”

“Are they bae material? Or is it just game?”

“When should we have sex? What if I don’t even wanna have sex?”

The Millennial Dating Chronicles is a docu-series…chronicling the stories of Millennials who are trying to pursue their purpose…and their relationship goals. Seeing someone in the same space as you, fight thru their issues – makes you feel connected, that you’re alone, and that you too can overcome your challenges.

Join us, beginning Thursday, September 27, 2018, as Millennials share their stories of how they go thru life…trying to find their greatest value, to impact the world, while navigating this tricky arena – called DATING.

What About Prenups? Is that Christian?

What About Prenups? Is that Christian?

They didn't have prenups back in the bible days. it okay to get a prenup nowadays...especially if you're older and more established? Interesting question. With as many marriages that have ended in divorce since the 1980s, the notion of having a 'til death do...

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