Online dating apps. Slids in the DM. Kick-backs and Meetups. High School and college sweetheart. Office-bae.

With so many ways for people to connect, we at the Millennial Dating Chronicles, for Valentine’s Day 2019, want to celebrate couples and the different ways they meet and find love. So we went to Arundel Mills Mall, in Maryland, to ask random couples, ‘How’d you meet’.

The stories we go will put a smile on your face. So press play and enjoy these amazing stories on this special Valentine’s Day episode of the Millennial Dating Chronicles. Couples…we salute you.

She’s the One That Got Away

Regret is a ___________ (you fill in the blank). In the dating space, sometimes regret occurs after you realize you screwed up and let the one you really want get away. Hindsight becomes your counselor. And that crafty bastard...regret...teaches you a life lesson you...

#ShootYourShot2018 (pt 1)

As an African American Christian woman, societal dating norms promote that women should wait to be foun't - that proverbial Boaz & Ruth situation (read the story of Ruth & Boaz in the book of Ruth in the bible). But what happens when you've waited...and waited...and...

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