In my 19-year experience as a Relationship Consultant, I’ve seen people pursued dating and relationships every kinda way. The friends-first approach. The Co-worker approach. The group outing/game night meetup approach. And the riskiest, the walk up to a stranger and start a conversation approach.

Everybody has their own pursuit of preference.

Follow the journey of Monet and Tsahia as they share their dating experiences and how it led them to come up with their pursuit-preference…in this episode of the Millennial Dating Chronicles.

#ShootYourShot2018 (pt 1)

As an African American Christian woman, societal dating norms promote that women should wait to be foun't - that proverbial Boaz & Ruth situation (read the story of Ruth & Boaz in the book of Ruth in the bible). But what happens when you've waited...and waited...and...

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