Decades ago, the topic of husbands cooking in a marriage used to fall along gender lines. But now, the responsibility of cooking is more egalitarian. In other words, husbands be up in the kitchen too.

But how often…thought? Are husbands carrying their fair share of the culinary responsibilities? That’s the question posed to us by a married woman.

Now…even though our situation is a little different…I don’t cook – at all. But check out how I carefully answered this question without pissing off Bernie or sounding hypocritical.

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Heath & Bernie’s VLOG Blooper Footage – @ Allen Pond

Heath & Bernie’s VLOG Blooper Footage – @ Allen Pond

So...Bernie and I decided to do a video update of the new services we now offer and answer some relationship questions we received. We thought we'd be fancy and go to our favorite park, Allen Pond, and shoot the video outside. But what we didn't anticipate is all the...

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