It’s been a great run. But after 17 years, Bernie and I have decided to retire the Relationship Bootcamp.

I know…I know. You’re devastated. Us too. But it was time. Running around in the woods for 5 hours on the weekend takes its toll on a brotha. Plus, it was time to replace some of our equipment. So, instead of investing more money and time into it, we decided to sunset the Bootcamp and go out with a big celebratory bonfire at Fort Wiggins with former Bootcamper and friends. 

But we are still working as a Relationship Consultant. We still are going to posts relationship videos. We also have some new things cooking. Here is quick video saying goodbye to Bootcamp and saying hello to the shift in our business towards creating freaking stupid-awesome amazing activities, events, and destination experiences for couples and singles alike. Check out what we have coming up next!

What About Prenups? Is that Christian?

What About Prenups? Is that Christian?

They didn't have prenups back in the bible days. it okay to get a prenup nowadays...especially if you're older and more established? Interesting question. With as many marriages that have ended in divorce since the 1980s, the notion of having a 'til death do...

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