HisLeaderhipHerTrust.com evolved out of the 13 years Heath Wiggins, founder of the exciting teambuilding relationship training business, Family Bootcamp, has worked with singles, engaged, and married couple — teaching them how to improve communication and increase trust.


With his roots in the Christian church, Heath learned the bible teaches, and cultural norms affirm, that men should be taking on leadership roles in their relationships. It’s not that a woman can’t lead — nor is it that a woman shouldn’t take on leadership roles. But men should know how…and be able to lead too. And their women should feel secure trusting their leadership.

But just because the bible says a man should be a leader…doesn’t mean he knows how to lead. After working with hundreds of couples over 13 years, Heath observed an epidemic that was destroying relationships in the United States:

“many women do not feel secure trusting a man to be leaders in their relationships.” 

As a result of these feelings of insecurity, marriages are being destroyed, couples are living together unmarried, and more and more women are choosing to stay single.

Most shockingly, Heath also discovered that the bible doesn’t clearly teach men how to lead. Now…there are thousands of anecdotal stories of men providing leadership in the bible. But there are no clear step-by-step biblical instructions teaching men how to be leaders.

So began his hunt to understand leadership as a whole. He went back to school in 2006 and earned his Masters in Organizational Leadership. Then he dug deeper. What he discovered was leadership influences everything! Know it or not, leadership influences what we believe, how we feel, what we think, and what we do. Leadership influences our perception of reality. It influences what we believe are facts and truth. Hardcover Book MockUpHeathAnd leadership influences whether your relationship will live or die.

So Heath shifted his focus to empowering Christian men with the knowledge and skills to lead in such a way that a woman will trust, respect and actually want to follow him. His book  His Leadership Her Trust outlines the 4-step men must do to make that happen.

For over 23 years, he has served in nearly every position in the church…from Elder to Usher. The only thing he hasn’t done is preach and play the organ. Heath and his wife, BerNadette, married in October 1997. They live happily in the Washington, DC suburbs of Bowie, Maryland.


Business: Founded Family Bootcamp, LLC in 2000, a relationship consulting business that teaches couples and singles how to obtain and maintain a happy, loving, trusting relationship…using teambuilding training activities on our 14-acre obstacle course specifically designed to improve communication, increase trust, and improve leadership. Located in the Washington, DC suburbs of Bowie, MD.



  • MS in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College
  • BS in Business Management from Hampton University

Ministry Service:

  • Currently serving at Zion Church in Landover, Md. (3 yrs.)
    • Youth Ministry Tribe Leader (2 yrs)
    • Men’s Ministry Leadership Team member (1 yr.)
    • Young Adult Tribe Leader (>1 yr.)
  • Previous Service
    • Ordained Elder (13 yrs.)
    • Ordained Deacon (10 yrs.)
    • Leader of Couples Ministry (10 yrs.)
    • High School biblestudy teacher (10+ yrs)

Marriage: Married BerNadette (Bernie) Wiggins in October 1997.

Official Bio (pdf)