Tubing Down the Potomac/Camping Trip – Part IV


Beach Camping with Ponies – Assateague Island

Pick one…or both. Whichever you pick, IT’S GONNA BE AN ADVENTURE.

Tubing Down the Potomac/Camping Trip – Part IV

This is the fourth time I’ve done this tubing/camping trip. It must mean I really like it. Yup! That’s why I’m doing it again. You are welcome to come join me. Click below to get more details.

Beach Camping with the Ponies – Assateague Island

Have you ever been camping with wild ponies? Yes, Ponies! I haven’t. But I’m gonna this summer. Assateague Island National Seashore is just 8 miles South of Ocean City, MD. It’s famous for its natural habitat of wild free-range Chincoteague ponies. And you can camp right near the beach. This is going to be a great adventure. Click below to learn more details.

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