Apparently this woman wants to vent. Back to back to back questions about what she thinks her husband should be doing.

That’s ok gurl! Purge! Get it out! We are here for it!

You’re gonna want to hear our response to this lady’s latest two questions about husbands helping out around the house and the role of compromise in relationships.

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His Leadership Her Trust:

4 Steps to Become the Christian Man a Woman Trusts, Respects, and Actually Wants to Follow
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How Do I Get My Wife to Respect My Grind?

How Do I Get My Wife to Respect My Grind?

The hustle. The grind. Every entrepreneur, solo-preneur, and even want-trepeneur do it. Both men and women alike. Your grind requires a committed investment of time, energy, and money. So does building a relationship. Finding the investment balance between your grind...

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