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RELATIONSHIP (1)Let me tell you a secret I probably shouldn’t tell you if you’re considering booking me as a speaker. I get nervous before I speak. Yep…call me a flawed human. But after hundreds of presentations over the last umph-teen years…to large and small groups alike, I still get the pre-game gitters.

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So, what I do to overcome them (in additions to my pre-presentation ritual a communications coach advised I create) I over-prepare…so I don’t have to think so much. Kind of like what a professional athlete does to prepare for a game. The more time your spend “thinking” about what to do or say, instead of instinctively reacting, the less time you’re being present…in-the-moment…engaged with your audience. In such cases, even if the message is accurate, the audience is disengaged and has resorted to the dreaded thumb-scrolling through their phones because you have lost their interest.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve spoken at every kind of church-related events possible: from presiding over service, to facilitating church leadership conferences, to emceeing a church awards ceremony to. It’s actually easier to talk about what I haven’t done in church than what I have done.

Outside the church milieu, my speaking-game is on the come-up. Since the launch of my blog,, in 2013, I can be heard regularly on the burgeoning blog-radio scene.

After my book was published in 2015, entitled the same, and it reaching Amazon bestseller status, I was asked to participate on a panel at the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss Manhood, Leadership, and Community Development with former NAACP CEO and Chairman Ben Jealous and rapper-turned-community-activist Luke Campbell (from Too Live Crew).

Topic of Choice (that nobody else is talking about):

Christian men becoming the kind of man a woman will trust, respect and actually want to follow them. In my 11 years as a Relationship Consultant, I discovered an epidemic in the United State that was destroying relationships: many women do not feel secure trusting men to take on leadership roles in their relationships. After 3 additional years of intense biblical and scholastic research, I’m sharing with the world what I discovered and how to fix it.

Topics of Expertise

All things relationship: from Christian dating practices and sex-before-marriage…to …when to give on on your marriage, but not God…to…how to salvage a marriage to a serial-cheater with over 40 affairs (including one with a minor).

I can also customize my topics to fit the needs of your event. In addition, I’m available for your:

  • Relationship Expert for a Workshop, Seminar, or Panel
  • Couples (Ministry)Events
  • Men’s Biblestudy/Conference
  • Singles’ Ministry/Mixer Event
  • Church Leadership Conference

What You Can Expect Working with Me…

  • Prompt replies to your phone calls and emails.
  • Promotion of your event on my social media platforms, blog, and to my email list (when appropriate)
  • Personal phone consultation so I can better understand your needs and goals as an event planner. This will help me serve you and your audience well.
  • Professionally prepared, entertaining and inspiring presentations that meet the needs of your audience

My ultimate goal is to help you meet the outcomes you’ve set for your event.

Talking Points

I have outlined some other talking points that will get your audience talking about your event on social media for weeks.

  • 4 Steps to Become the Christian Man a Woman Trusts Respects and Actually Wants to Follow
  • 4 Stages of Relationship (Beware of Stage 3)
  • The Leaderless Marriages: How it Got That Way…and How to Fix It
  • 3 Goals God Gave Every Christian Couple…2 of Which They Are Clueless
  • Why Doesn’t God Trust Your Marriage?
  • 3 Ways God’s’ Test Taking Process’ Developments Leaders
  • 3 Keys to Rebuilding Trust After It’s Been Broken


Business: Founded Family Bootcamp, LLC in 2000, a relationship consulting business that teaches couples and singles how to obtain and maintain a happy, loving, trusting relationship…using teambuilding training activities on our 14-acre obstacle course specifically designed to improve communication, increase trust, and improve leadership. Located in the Washington, DC suburbs of Bowie, MD.


Education: MS in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College; BS in Business Management from Hampton University

Ministry Service: Ordained Elder (13 yrs.); Deacon (10 yrs.); Leader of Couples Ministry (10 yrs.); High School biblestudy teacher (10+ yrs); Youth Ministry Tribe Leader (2 yrs); Men’s Ministry Leadership Team member (<1 yr.)

Marriage: Married BerNadette (Bernie) Wiggins in October 1997.

Official Biography (pdf)

Heath and Bernie are Awesome. They’ve helped us in so many ways. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Ben O.

The Osbornes

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