It was an uncharacteristically beautiful weekend. 78°. In February…no less! But the weekend itself…was less than beautiful.

Back in the day, Bernie and I used to take weekend road trips. From the ATL, to Pigeon Forge, TN., to Quebec. We had a ball. So, as our way of reconnecting in our 19-year marriage and prioritizing the fun in our marriage, Bernie and I decided to restart our weekend road trips.

At the recommendation of some of you guys, Norfolk, Va. was our destination this particular beautiful 78° weekend. How was our trip? Well…you know it’s gonna be a janky weekend when you walk into your Downtown Norfolk Courtyard Marriot hotel room and you see a case of beer, a pair of pantyhose, and someone’s bag of clothes already in the room.

We salvaged the weekend by hanging out with a pair of #QoolQouples tho. Watch episode one of our new series…#QoolQouplesQonquer Road Trip.

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#QoolQouplesQonqer Norfolk: Pre-Road Trip Update

As we get ready for our trip, here's a quick update about our journey to Norfolk, VA. And guess what...Bernie wasn't ready when the video started...again!!! Shout out to Cynthia, Jessica, Peter, LeeLee, The Casual Travelist, and The Girl and Globe for recommendations...

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