Relationship Bootcamp Singles Mixer


About the Relationship Bootcamp Singles Mixer

The Relationship Bootcamp’s Singles Mixer is a fun adventurous activity where you and your partner(s) work together as a team to complete challenging missions. 

To ensure there are enough males and females to mix with, YOU MUST BRING ANOTHER SINGLE PERSON THE OPPOSITE SEX AS YOUR PARTNER. NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED! (see FAQ’s below for details about requirements for bringing a partner of the opposite sex.)

How It Works

You will be matched up with a partner (not the partner you came with) and given a mission. You will work together to complete that mission within the given amount of time.

Then we sit back and watch…how you interact, how you communicate, how you manage stress, how you solve problems, how you make decisions, how you adapt to change, how you react when you don’t get your way, how you lead, and how you follow.

When your mission is complete, we do a group debrief and discuss what was observed during your mission. We share what we observed, you share what you observed, and your partner shares what he or she observed. This is always the best part, because the activity reveals a lot about who your partner really is that you would’ve never known unless you know them already. You will also learn about other people’s partners just by listening to their experience during the debriefing.

When the debrief is over, you will switch partners. Then you and your new partner will be given your next mission, followed by a debriefing. You will have 3 or 4 mission/partners throughout the Bootcamp. 


August 26
9:00am – 12:00pm

This is the first and only Relationship Bootcamp Singles Mixer.
So…if you miss it – you’ve missed it!

Located in Bowie, Md.

The Relationship Bootcamp sits on 14 wooded acres located at our secret facility in Bowie, Md., known as Fort Wiggins.


$79.99……for you and your partner

This is priced to sell quickly! So you better register quickly.
Last year’s price for a Singles Bootcamp was $69.99 for one person. This price is for 2 people.
There are only 20 slots available (10 partners).
Register quickly because availability won’t last.

Relationship Bootcamp - Singles Mixer

$79.99/per pair
  • Only 20 participants per session. Registration on a first come first service basis.

  • $79.99 Add to cart

How To Register

  1. Pay: Click the Add to Cart button to make payment.
  2. Register: Provide you’re the names and personal information. You will then receive a Welcome Letter giving you everything you need to know about your Bootcamp session.
  3. Submit: You and your partner must complete the medical form to notify us of any physical limitations and submit it to us via email

For safety reasons, we have a maximum of 20 participants. So it’s first come first serve.


Who is this for?

  • Singles who like have fun and do adventurous activities.
  • Singles who are actively trying to grow spiritually, professionally, and financially, and emotionally…but still like to have fun.
  • Singles who want to connect with a small group with other like-minded singles who also like to have fun.
  • Singles who want to meet a potential future bae, but want to first learn about their personality and character on a deeper level.

Requirements for your partner of the opposite sex.

  • They must not be someone you’re currently dating or recently broke up with. We don’t want no side-eye’s or cock-blocking when your ex-bae is partnered with someone else.
  • The person must be 100% single. Meaning, they must not be in a committed dating relationship, engaged, or married but separated. 100% single or find someone else. They can be actively dating multiple people. That’s okay…as long as he or she is not misleading them into believing they are exclusive when he or she is actually not.

What kind of qualities should I look for in a partner of the opposite sex?

No one is perfect. But you must be able to vouch for your partner’s character, availability, and interest in wanting meeting someone of the opposite sex. Keep in mind, you wouldn’t want to meet someone at this event with shady character and suspect integrity…so don’t bring someone like that for someone else to meet. If everybody abides by this simple guideline, then everyone who comes to this event will already be vetted.

Can I pay now and pick a partner later?

Yes. You have until 48 hours before the Bootcamp to select a partner. You must notify us who he or she is and they must complete and submit the medical form.

Can I pay for half and my partner pay for the other half?

To avoid confusion, we only allow for one transaction for payment. So, if you are going to pay for half and your partner is going to pay for half, you’ll have to work that out between the two of you.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

After payment is received, you may cancel at any time outside of 30 days from the date of your Bootcamp session. You will only be charged a $10 transaction fee. If you cancel within 30 days of the Bootcamp session, you may not receive a refund. However, you may apply the payment to another scheduled Relationship Bootcamp this year at no additional cost. You must notify the Bootcamp 48 hours prior to the scheduled Bootcamp session to reschedule, or you forfeit your payment and will not be able to reschedule for a later date.

If your Bootcamp session is canceled due to weather or unforeseen circumstance, the Bootcamp will coordinate with you to reschedule to another date and your payment will be applied to that rescheduled date.

What if my partner of the opposite sex originally agreed to go, but can’t make it.

Find someone else of the opposite sex that fits the criteria. If you can’t find someone else, make sure you notify the Bootcamp 48 hours prior to the singles mixer otherwise you forfeit your payment and will not be able to reschedule for a later date.

What if my partner agrees to go, but doesn’t show up on the day of the Bootcamp?

You will not be able to participate if your partner doesn’t show up. Avoid this by picking a partner that’s reliable.

Were you serious when you said that you’re not doing this event again?

ABSOLUTELY. Because…I primarily work with couples. My year is already booked with couples activities and events. I do not have any availability to fit in another singles mixer event like this. So…if you really want to be here, you need to re-prioritize your schedule if this conflict with something, because if you miss it…you’ve missed it.

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, email

Relationship Bootcamp - Singles Mixer

$79.99/per pair
  • Only 20 participants per session. Registration on a first come first service basis.

  • $79.99 Add to cart