Everybody has some form of insecurity in their relationship. And if you say you don’t…you-za lie.

We had to deal with Bernie’s when we first got married. Like…the first 4-5 year. But being new to the marriage game, you just figure it out and push forward.

But if you’re currently dating or engaged, no need to struggle needlessly. Let our story help you figure out how to deal with insecurities in your relationship…your mates and your own.

Also, register for the Relationship Bootcamp specifically for Dating and Engaged Couples and learn some coping mechanisms first hand from Bernie and me…for the insecurities that currently exist in your relationship (those acknowledged and the one’s you’re in denial about).

Bootcamp Dates:

Relationship Bootcamp for Couples
March 18
All Couples

April 29
Dating & Engaged Couples

May 20
2nd Marriage & Blended Family Couples

June 10
Newlywed Couples Married in 2015-2017

Contact us for reservations

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