Everything You Need to Know About the Camping/Tubing Trip

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UPDATED: 06/18/2018

Updates have been made to the tent assignments in the link below. These assignments are not set in stone. Changes can be made at will.



We need to know who is bring a tent and who needs to sleep in a tent. Attached is a Google Form so everyone can indicate their sleeping needs.


The KOA is 67 miles from DC (approx 1 ½ hrs.). If you want to carpool with someone, post it in the GroupMe and see who is driving. I encourage carpooling because the campsite where our tents are has limited parking. If everyone drives, that limits the space where we can actually put up tents. And we want to be good neighbors and not take over other people’s campsite parking with our cars. Cuz we in West Virginia…and I’m not trying to make any campers feel “uncomfortable” around our group and they call the police on us for ‘camping while black’. There are extra parking spaces at the registration office, but that’s not near the campsite.
  • Air mattress: A twin is fine; a double is better because there’s more roll-over room; a queen is best but not necessary for camping. Plus a queen takes up more floor space in the tent. If you have a small tent, floor space to walk and to place your bags is like prime real estate.
  • Your Favorite Pillow: Bring your favorite pillow from your bed at home. An uncomfortable pillow makes for the worse camping/sleeping experience…trust!
  • Bed Coverings: A sleeping bag is ideal…but not necessary. If you don’t have one already, I don’t recommend spending money on one. You can use a flat sheet to cover your air mattress and a blanket/comforter.
  • Aqua Shoes: You MUST to wear aqua shoes, or sturdy shoes you don’t mind getting wet, while tubing. DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS. They will come off. You don’t want to be walking barefoot on the rocks cuz you will cut up your feet.
  • Battery operated fan: If it’s hot at night, it’s good to have a fan to keep you cool while you sleep
  • Foam Mattress Topper: If you really wanna sleep comfortably, put a foam mattress cover on your air mattress. It makes your air mattress almost feel like your bed at home. I don’t go camping without it.
  • Cooler: If you plan to secure your own personal stash of snacks or beverages, I recommend keeping them in a cooler to protect them from the bugs and insects.
KOA Campground Address & Contact Info

Harpers Ferry / Civil War Battlefields KOA
343 Campground Road
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Phone: 800-562-9497

Check-in at KOA Campground begins at 1:00 pm. KOA is 67 miles from DC (approx 1 ½ hrs.). If you want to arrive in the afternoon, I recommend you leave before 3:00. Traffic around 495 and up 270 North is a beast. I understand that some people are going to work that Friday, but if possible, try to get off a little early so you can arrive in time for the Family Dinner, which starts around 7:30.
When you arrive at the campground,

  1. Register your car: Go to the registration office. Each driver must check their car in at the registration office. You will receive a decal to place on your dashboard.
  2. Request a KOA Map and/or directions to our campsite: If you’re good with maps, you’ll be able to find the campsite easily. If not, request directions at the registration desk. I will post which campsite we are located at in the GroupMe after I check-in.
  3. Set up camp first: It’s tempting to start exploring your surroundings right away, but don’t delay in setting up camp. It’s much easier to set up a tent in the daylight when you have plenty of time. Plus, you’re able to spot any problems before it’s too late.
  • Checking-in: All vehicles must register their car at the KOA office when you arrive.
  • Quiet Hours: At 10:00pm all guests are asked to turn off all outside TVs and radios, and keep the noise to a minimum.
Let’s keep this simple:

  • Friday night = Family Dinner potluck
  • Saturday morning = free pancakes at KOA
  • Saturday lunch = Mountain View Diner
  • Saturday dinner = you’re on your own (but last time, everybody was so full from lunch at the diner that nobody ate dinner)
  • Sunday morning = free pancakes at KOA

Bring your own drinks and snacks. We’ll provide the bottled water.

Food is the great equalizer…right? If you go to an event and there’s food involved, the atmosphere is ripe for a good time. But I believe it’s not just the food. It’s more so about the people, the connections, the interactions, and the camaraderie that happens during the dining experience that makes the event so spectacular. That’s why we use food as a social icebreaker at our events to break down barriers, eases communication, and creates an overall welcoming environment.

To kick-off this tubing trip, we are hosting a Family Dinner, Friday around 7:30. We are going to sit together, eat together, and just vibe. We also have something amazing planned during the Family Dinner that will set the tone for the entire weekend. We’ll share more details later about what food contributions we need help with.

I know some people are working on Friday, But if possible, try to get off a little early so you can arrive by 7:30. You don’t want to miss this!

Please complete this form so we can plan appropriately for the family dinner. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePRekMcOAOH9tejt2QM6EOtIHb_iBCb3_CZYpyvJcLkbNV6g/viewform


  1. Arrive at Harper’s Ferry KOA Campground.
  2. Set up tent (bring your own tent or share with someone who is bringing a tent)
  3. 7:30ish – Family Dinner
  4. Chill, hangout, participate in campground activities


  1. Rise-and-shine; eat breakfast (KOA has free all you can eat pancakes for breakfast).
  2. 10:30 – Depart from campground to Harpers Ferry Adventure Center (everybody needs to depart at the same to ensure we all get on the river at the same time!!!)
  3. Complete the waiver form
  4. Pay for tubing trip
  5. Wait in line with group to board a bus to take us to river drop-in location
  6. 11:30 – Get off bus, get tubes, tie tubes together, and get in river (trip last approx. 2 hrs.)
  7. 1:30 – Get out river and board bus back to Adventure Center
  8. Return to campsite to use the facilities and change clothes
  9. 3:00 – Go to lunch at Mountainview Diner in Harpers Ferry, WV. (food is the bomb…hopefully we can get a private room again).
  10. Return to campsite in late afternoon
  11. Participate in campground activities: swimming, bounce balloon, tennis, movie theatre, games, indoor basketball, etc.
  12. The Hangout – campfire group discussion


  1. Rise-and-shine; eat breakfast
  2. Pack up tent and belongings
  3. Depart campground
If you find out you can’t make it and have to cancel, you can donate your spot to someone else or find someone who is willing to pay for your spot. If you don’t know anyone, email/text me to see if I know of anyone that’s waiting in the wings.
GroupMe is the forum for group chat and general information. However, if you need to contact me directly, email or call me at the info below.